• To bestow relevant and latest technical knowledge to the students and to make them accomplished computer engineers by developing initiative with technical capabilities.
  • C.S.E department has got a major role to play in educating the I year B.Tech students (freshers) to have access in Browsing. About 250 systems are well equipped. A very good ‘Helpline’ Service is taking care of the systems incase of any malfunction.
  • The original strength of this Department at the time of its inception was 40 in 1997 and increased to 60 and now in 2008 it has 90 seats. This is an ocular proof of the growth of this Department
      • Computer Science and Engineering graduates are the pillars in the current and emerging information era. Opportunities include pursuing Master of Science programs in reputed Universities of U.S. and taking up research assignments in Hardware, System Software, Computer Engineering, Multi media, and Net Working and Communications areas. The department aims to provide students with strong conceptual foundations and also expose them to the forefront of the development in the field of computing. A common thread of technological innovation weaves throughout the department and every member of the faculty. “We believe in Innovation and Perfection.


A separate internet lab with 4 Mbps bandwidth is provided to staffs and students. Around 500 dedicated systems are available for conducting online examination. The department takes active role in arranging expert lectures as well as Industrial visits for benefit of the students. National level student symposium resonance is conducted yearly. Students are encouraged to take up industrial projects. Moreover the students will also be motivated to present papers in student seminars, paper contests etc. Staffs are motivated to present paper in International and National conferences and workshops. The department has dedicated Research lab, Seminar Hall and E Classroom.